Up to an hour & a half of shooting    2 Locations
Up to 3 Outfit changes      Approx . 40-45 images

Secret's out. You're my absolute favorite to photograph. Yes, I love doing weddings, and families, and cute little babies that smile every time you look at them. But you guys are at the top of the list for sure. Putting all of my focus on one specific person, making sure that your pictures are one hundred percent authentically you- that's what I LOVE doing. So, grab your old ball glove, your favorite pet , or the instrument you've been playing for years, and let's make your senior pictures something you'll look back on for the rest of your life.

Bronze Package- $150

30 minutes of shooting     1 Location
1-2 Outfit changes   Approx . 25-30 images


4 Seasons- $500

Silver Package- $250

Unlimited Time     3 Locations
Unlimited Outfit Changes   Approx . 65-70 images

One 30 minute session for each of the 4 seasons
Approx. 25-30 images each session
1 Location each session

Gold Package- $350