About Your Photographer

My name is Karlie Lee. I'm 23, and I (obviously) LOVE photography. I've been taking pictures since I was a little kid running around with my Grandma's old point and shoot camera. I didn't truly realize it was something I was so passionate about until I took High School Yearbook for 2 years. I started out going to games to take photos, then doing senior pictures on the side, and then before I knew it I had my own little business going. 

Besides photography, a few things that are important to me are church (I'm a youth pastor and I LOVE it), my family, Captain (the cutest puppy the world has every seen) , going to the gym, Christmas (I start shopping for gifts so early it's not even funny), and my dress closet. I have over 60 dresses which I am very proud of and also very ashamed of.

I'm so grateful that I've gotten the opportunity to do something I love so much and I can't wait to continue this journey of photography for many years :)